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Online shopping for jewellery at top online stores in Canada and the U.S.

The following is quick list of well-known jewelry stores that offer a full range of jewellery including Gold, Platinum, Silver and Diamond. These jewelry stores accept Canadian dollars or US dollars and ship your purchase to anywhere in Canada.
SuperJeweler Logo SuperJeweler
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Blue Nile Logo Blue Nile Canada
We offer a great selections of certified diamonds and fine jewelry in Canada.
icedotcom Logo ICE.COMJewellery at
ICE.COM is one of the most popular online Jewelry stores in north America that offers a very wide range of Jewelry such as engagement rings, bracelets, earrings,  pendants, body jewellery and much more!
Ashford Logo Ashford
We provide a very wide variety of fashionable jewelry and luxury watches. We offer 100% authentic, brand-new, brand-name merchandise from some of the finest manufacturers on the planet, all at discount prices.
Peoples Jewellers Logo Peoples JewellersPeoples Jewellers
Peoples Jewellers is one of the most recognized names in fine jewellery across Canada. Now you can buy online at Peoples online shopping website.
TheShoppingChannel Logo The Shopping Channel
Find fabulous jewellery at the Canadian home shopping channel.
Blank Logo Birks Jewellers
Birks jewellers is one of the oldest Canadian jewellers that offers a wide range of jewellery including diamond, silver and fine jewellery. Birks jewellery has many retail stores in major Canadian cities like Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and Calgary.

Jewellery quick facts and info:
Jewellery (in British & Canadian English) or Jewelry (in American English) is ornaments of precious material, typically metals like gold, platinum and silver that sometime set with gemstones such as diamond, ruby, sapphire, emerald and opal.
Jewellery is worn by almost all the people around the world from different cultures and for a variety of personal and cultural reasons.

Jewellery comes in variety of types and forms. Bracelet, earring, necklace and rings including engagement ring and wedding ring are the most popular forms of Jewellery.

You can learn more about Jewellery at following reference sites:

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