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Satellite Radio in Canada

Here we have provided a quick list of major Canadian Satellite Radio Providers and Retailers that offer Satellite Radio equipment.
Blank LogoSirius XM
Sirius XM is a Canadian radio company which operates as an affiliate of Sirius XM Radio.
Best Buy LogoBest Buy Canada
BestBuy Canada offer same satellite radios that available at future shop website.

Satellite radio quick facts:

Satellite radio is a digital radio that intercepts radio signals from dedicated satellites that have been assigned for this purpose.
For using a satellite radio you need to subscribe to a satellite radio provider. At this time Sirius and XM Radio are major satellite providers in Canada and US.

Also you need to buy the required equipment including receiver, antenna and the radio.
The main features of a satellite radio that makes it different from traditional radio are as the followings:

1.Satellite radio is always digital and as a result you have access to CD quality music
2.Its commercial free. (so far)
3.It offers more that 100 channels to choose from, like news, sports, weather, and wide selection of music channels.

For more info about satellite radio and to learn about how satellite radio work, use the following links:

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