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Online shopping for GPS navigation in Canada

Here is quick list of Canadian online electronics and computer stores that offer a wide variety of GPS (Global Positioning System) like car navigation systems, handheld GPS, software, receivers and accessories. The following online stores sell a variety of brand name GPS devices like Sony, Garmin, Navman, Magellan, TomTom and other major brands.
Amazon Logoamazon Canada
Visit Amazon Canada website ( to browse or shop from a wide verity of GPS and Navigation devices and software.
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Ebay LogoeBay Canada
Shop online from a wide selection of GPS systems like GPS receivers, car navigation, Pocket PC GPS and more at Canada's largest online marketplace at discount prices.
Dell LogoDell Canada
Dell Canada offers a variety of handhelds with Pharos Bluetooth GPS receiver. In addition, you can buy GPS accessories like GPS Navigation Kit with Bluetooth Wireless Technology for your Pocket PC at Dell Canada website.
Best Buy LogoBest Buy
Buy online from a full range of GPS receivers and accessories at Best Buy website.

GPS Facts:

GPS or Graphical Positioning System is a system consists of 24 satellites that circling the Earth twice a day, a set of ground control stations, and GPS receivers.

This system can easily and quickly determine the accurate position of the receiver that could be anywhere on the Earth. A GPS receiver is able to find out its position by decoding time signal transmission from 4 different satellites and calculating the position by a simple math principal called trilateration.

This service is absolutely free for everyone who lives on the Earth! All you need to use this service is buying a GPS receiver. Two different format of GPS receivers are available in the market, one format is the GPS receivers that are integrated into Pocket PC and PDAs, cell phone and even watches. The other format of GPS receivers is  dedicated and standalone devices.

Learn more about GPS and how it works here!