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Shopping online for computer monitors at top online shops in Canada

The following is quick list of Canadian online computer stores that offer a wide range of computer monitors like flat screen monitors, LCD and LED displays, dual monitor and other types of monitors.
Dell LogoDell Canada
A wide range of flat screen monitors, LCD flat panel monitors and Plasma display are available at online store of World largest PC vendor.
Ebay LogoeBay Canada
Find all kinds of computer displays and monitors at Canada's largest online shopping site at discount prices.
Best Buy LogoBest Buy Canada
Best buy sells a complete range of monitors and displays online.

Computer Monitor Facts:
A computer monitor or display is the most important computer peripheral that looks like a small TV and is directly connected to a graphic card in your computer. It shows computer output like text, image, movie, animation and all other types of characters and graphics on it's screen. You can even change your monitor to a real and live TV by adding a TV tuner card to your PC.
These days almost all monitors have a color screen and most of them can show more than 16 million different colors.

Here we explain two main category of computer monitors as the followings:

1. CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) monitors: These type of monitors are like old fashion vacuum tube TVs. Main problem with these monitors is that they are usually big and heavy so they need more space.

2. LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) Flat Panel Displays: These types of monitors are much thinner and lighter than CRT monitors. Flat panel displays first used in laptop computers but now they are available in a variety of models and are compatible with almost any type of desktop computers.
Today flat screen monitors and flat panel monitors are very popular and most of the people and businesses that are still using CRT monitors are going to replace them with LCD panels.
3. LED (Light-Emitting Diodes): The LED monitor are even thinner than LCD monitor and consume less energy. 
In addition, there are some other format of monitor like Plasma Displays and Flat Panel Displays with TV tuner. DELL, Samsung, LG and VIEWSONIC are most popular LCD flat panels available in the market

If you would like to know more about monitors and how they work, use the following link:
How Monitors Work