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Shopping online for laptop computers at the most popular online shops in Canada

The following is a quick list of top Canadian online computer stores that offer a full range of laptop and notebook computers, laptop parts & memory, cases, batteries and other accessories.
Sony Store Logo Sony Store Canada
Visit Sony Store Canada for the ultimate Laptops!
Official website of Sony Canada offers a great selection laptops and accessories. Sony Canada also offers free regular nationwide delivery and express delivery.
HP Canada Logo HP CanadaHP Canada
Visit official site of Hewlett-Packard Canada, to shop online from wide range of high quality Laptops at reasonable prices.
Lenovo Logo Lenovo Canada
Award-winning ThinkPad laptops with free shipping now available at Lenovo official website. Lenovo offers top-notch products, low cost of ownership, high productivity and the world-class support of IBM.
Tiger Direct Logo TigerDirect
Shop from a wide range of brand name laptop and notebook computers like HP, Toshiba, Acer, Asus and more. Also you can read the reviews about a variety of laptop computers at TigerDirect website and make a better choice.
Dell Logo Dell Canada
Buy your new laptop directly from World largest computer manufacturer. Dell offers a great selection of laptop computers and all related accessories. You can easily compare the different type of notebooks and choose the one can best fit your needs and budget.
Apple Canada Logo Apple Store Canada
Visit official site of Apple online store in Canada to shop from a wide range of Apple computers, laptops, iPod Touch, iPad, iPhone and other high end and stylish products.
Blank Logo Toshiba Canada
Toshiba Canada offers a great selection of high end notebook computers, tablet PCs and accessories. Satellite, Libretto and Qosmio are the current available models at Toshiba official website.
Blank Logo MDG Computers
MDG Computers Canada offers a variety of laptop and notebook computers and accessories. MDG has many retail stores in Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, Montreal and other Canadian Cities.

Laptop Computer Facts:
Laptop computers or notebooks are actually compact version of desktop computers (PC) with a flat LCD monitor attached to it. A laptop computer is made of almost same parts, components, software and operating system that is used in a normal PC, but the main difference is the way that parts and components fit together.

If you open a PC unit, you will see lots of empty spaces inside the main box (tower) but when you look at the inside of a laptop you'll notice that all the parts and components are tightly fitted to each other and you cant find any empty spaces in there. As a result a laptop computer is much smaller and lighter than a normal PC and this is the reason that laptop computers are portable and can be moved and used any places even in a car or airplane.

All laptop or notebook computers run on rechargeable batteries. When these batteries get charged, you can use your laptop for a couple of hours without using any power cord connected to your laptop. Keep in mind that a lithium ion battery has a better performance in compare with nickel cadmium and other kind of batteries.

Couple years ago laptop computers were expensive but nowadays are only a little more expensive than a desktop computer.

Sony VAIO, IBM ThinkPad, Dell Inspiron and Toshiba Satellite are some examples of very popular laptop computers in Canada.

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