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Shopping online for batteries at top online shops in Canada

The following is quick list of online battery stores in Canada & US. These websites offer a very wide range of normal and rechargeable batteries for cell phone, cordless phone, digital camera, notebook, UPS and all other battery operated consumer electronics and toys. Also these online battery stores offers battery related accessories and components like battery charger, battery tender and other related accessories. These websites accept Canadian dollars or US dollars and ship your purchase to Canada and US.
Tiger Direct Logo TigerDirect
At TigerDirect website you can find a wide range of AA, AAA and rechargeable batteries and chargers for digital camera & laptop , UPS replacement batteries and accessories. Also you are able to find the batteries by your selected brand like Canon, Sony, HP, Toshiba and many other brands. When you access to this website please select Accessories to see the battery department.
TheSource Logo The Source Canada
This online store offers a wide range of consumer electronics like audio, video, small appliances and  more. Actually this is former Radio Shack that recently has been renamed to The Source by Circuit City. This company has many retail stores in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary and many other Canadian cities. It's good to know that The Source by Circuit City is the former RadioShack.
Blank Logo Future Shop
This Canadian online store sells a wide range of batteries and accessories. Future shop has many retail stores in Canadian cities like Montreal, Ottawa and Edmonton.